Hydraulic Press Brake

    1. Normal Type Metal Plate Hydraulic Press Brake1. The normal type hydraulic press brake is used in the forming process to bend metal plates into the required angle or shape.
      2. The machine comes with a torsion bar.
      3. It enables fine-adjustment of bending angle.
      4. Remote pressure control valve is installed on the side frame of the press brake, allowing easy and convenient operation.
    1. NC Type Metal Plate Hydraulic Press Brake 1. The NC type metal plate hydraulic press brake is used for bending metal plates into various shapes and angles via programmable control of the X- and Y-axes.
      2. It is equipped with a torsion bar.
      3. This series of machine allows higher forming precision than the normal type.
      4. The controller adopts the E10 or E20+ type manufactured by Estun Company. It delivers a stable performance.
    1. CNC Torsion Bar hydraulic Press BrakeThe standard controller adopts the Estun E200 system. It can program the bend angle. Other controller includes the China Estun E210, Italy ESA S525, and Holland Delem DA41. All those controllers deliver optimized function and stable performance. They also can be programmed to set and adjust the bend angle.
    1. Electro Hydraulic CNC Press BrakeIn order to compensate for the deflection during press, a crowning system is installed on the press brake. It comes in two types: mechanical or hydraulic type. Controlled and programmed by the controller, the system enables the machine to have the chance of installing at least three axes including X-, Y1-, and Y2-axes according to the customers' requirements.

The hydraulic press brake is a basic device employed in the metalworking process. It can be used to bend metal plates into specific angles or shapes. Its work principle is as follows:
The top die is mounted onto a moveable ram while the bottom die is fixed to the work table. There is a hydraulic drive system providing power for the moveable ram to go down or to be lifted up. Via this process, the metal plate placed on the bottom die is then formed into the required shape and angle.

The bottom die is custom made according to the design drawing provided by the customer. Then the die will be mounted onto the machine in replacement for the original one. The original die will be packed in a box and sent to the customer.

The machine consists of four sections: the mechanical section, the control section, the electrical section, and the hydraulic section.

1. Age hardening treatment is applied to the machine so as to strengthen the whole structure.
2. Stroke value and back gauge value are shown on the mechanical display.
3. The stroke and back gauge can be manually controlled.

Installation and How to Transport the Press Brake by Crane
1. The machine's center of gravity is relatively high. The machine is heavy in the front and light in the back. Due consideration should be given to the location of the machine's center of gravity during lifting, transferring, and installing the machine in case it would tip over leading to disaster. The lifting angle between two steel wires should be kept small so as to ensure the processing precision of the machine.
2. Prior to installation, a machine foundation should be built up with reference to the foundation drawing. The machine should be mounted on the foundation. Meanwhile, add foundation bolts to the machine. After that, pour cements on the foundation and wait for them to solidify. Finally, tighten the bolts and make alignment.

The main body of the hydraulic press brake is made of Q235-A steel. The product can be packed in a wooden box, or plastic film. It also can be taken apart to facilitate transportation. In that case, the machine will be assembled at your place.

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