Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

1. The main frame of the hydraulic swing beam shearing machine is welded of steel plates, featuring good rigidity. Two oil cylinders are fixed around two uprights on both sides. The shearing table is equipped with ancillary tool apron which facilitates fine adjustment of the bottom blade. There are also ball transfers installed in the table for easy feed-in of the material.
2. The hold-down device consists of several hold-down cylinders which are mounted onto support plates in the front of main machine frame. When oil enters into the cylinder, the head of the device overcomes spring tension, and press the plate tightly. After shearing is finished, it returns to the original position due to the pull of spring.
3. The front stop is located on the shearing table, suitable for cutting sheet metals. With the aid of a scale, the moveable stop block can be adjusted so that the portion to be cut is of required size.
The back stop is attached to the top blade, and swings up and down along with the top blade. Back stop adjustment is done through the drive of the motor, gear reduction, and precision ball screw.
4. The hydraulic system is constructed of the control valve group, oil pump, oil cylinder, return cylinder, hold-down cylinder, and combination pipelines. The entire system features optimized structure, low noise, smooth operation, and good safety performance.
5. The electrical parts of the swing beam shearing machine include the electrical control cabinet, connecting wire, control panel, main motor, sub-motor, and foot pedal switch. These parts deliver high safety factor and good integrated performance.

Work Principle
The hydraulic oil is pumped into the upper cavity of the cylinder, pushing the top blade to swing around the shaft during the shearing process. After the shearing job is finished, the return cylinder assists the blade to go back to its top dead center.

1. The one-piece structure of the hydraulic swing beam shearing machine ensures high mechanical strength and great rigidity.
2. Mechanical display of back gauge value allows easy control
3. Blade gap can be adjusted with reference to the label, which facilitates adjustment and control.
4. Lamplight calibration device enables convenient measuring.

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