Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

    1. E200 CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Guillotine Shearing MachineThe E200 CNC hydraulic sheet metal guillotine shearing machine comes with an E200 CNC control system which can program the backgauge parameter and bend angle as well as display them on the control panel. The back gauge is controlled by the servo motor, ball screw, and linear guide which enhance its adjustment precision.
    1. DAC310 CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing MachineThe DAC310 CNC hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is supplied with a DAC310 CNC system. By entering values on the control panel, the system can achieve convenient control, display, and programming of blade clearance, back gauge parameter, shearing stroke, and bend angle. The back gauge is driven by the servo motor, ball screw, and linear guide.
    1. DAC360 CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Guillotine Cutting MachineThe DAC 360 CNC hydraulic metal plate guillotine cutting machine is designed with the DAC360 CNC system which allows automatic calculation, control, display, and programming of the backgauge, blade clearance, and shearing angle. The backgauge is controlled and driven by servo motor, ball screw, and linear guide, which enhances its adjustment precision.

1. The upper beam of our hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is guided by three-point roller guides, which eliminate bearing clearance, improve shearing precision, and maximize the shearing force.
2. The shear angle can be adjusted within a certain range in an effort to minimize material deformation as well as facilitate thick-plate cutting.
3. The stroke of the ram can be freely adjusted. This not only improves shearing efficiency, but also enables section-by-section cutting
4. The back stop, also known as back gauge, can be manually lifted up. This enables the machine to cut plates with extra lengths.
5. The back stop is motor driven. Its position is displayed on the control panel.

Work Principle
Oil is pumped into the upper cavity of the main cylinder. Interconnection between the main cylinder and sub-cylinder provides the force needed to vertically push down the upper blade for shearing. When the cutting job is finished, the accumulator will release nitrogen gas which pushes the upper blade back to the top of stroke.

Our hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is commonly used to cut metal plates with adjustable shear angle.

1. The one piece welding structure ensures high rigidity and good mechanical strength.
2. Blade clearance can be controlled and adjusted easily with reference to the label. Motorized control for blade clearance is also available.
3. For accurate positioning and shearing, a light calibration device is adopted.

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