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The W11 series hydraulic upper roller universal plate rolling machine can be used to handle cylindrical, conical, or oval workpiece.

Working Principle
The upper roller of this machine can be moved horizontally or vertically. Curvature of the bent plate is adjusted via the up or down movement of the upper roller while the axially symmetric vertical position is changed through its left or right movement. In this way, the machine can accomplish bending at both ends of the plate and suits for various bending applications without the aid of ancillary equipment such as a press machine. The whole bending process can be completed at one time, and there is no need to turn the plate during bending. As well as being used to pre-bend or form the two ends of the plate, this type of rolling machine can be employed to correct the formed workpiece.

Standard Configuration
Electric Parts Schneider (French brand)
Pump China famous brand
Seal Components NOK (Japan brand)
Working Principle Drawing
Payment T/T, L/C
Package The standard packing material is plastic film. Wooden box is also available at an extra cost.
Prior to delivery, we will take necessary measures to prevent machine rust. Iron bars will be mounted onto the bottom of the machine for easier unloading.
Technical Specifications
Model Max. Rolling Thickness (mm) Max. Pre-rolling Thickness (mm) Plate Width (mm) Diameter of Upper Roller (mm) Main Motor Power (kw)
W11S-12×2000 12 10 2000 250 5.5
W11S-16×2000 16 12 2000 255 7.5
W11S-16×2500 16 12 2500 300 11
W11S-18×3000 18 14 3000 350 11
W11S-20×3000 20 16 3000 375 15
W11S-25×2500 25 20 2500 380 15
W11S-30×2500 30 25 2500 410 22
W11S-30×3000 30 25 3000 450 30
W11S-32×3000 32 28 3000 480 30
W11S-35×2500 35 30 2500 460 30
W11S-35×3000 35 30 3000 510 37
W11S-40×2500 40 35 2500 500 37
W11S-40×3000 40 35 3000 540 45

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