Plate Rolling Machine

    1. W11 Series 3 Roller Mechanical Symmetrical Metal Plate Rolling MachineThis roll bender has 3 rollers in symmetric structure. The upper roller is set in the middle between two lower rollers. It has an adjustable height, and moves vertically in an up and down motion via the drive of ball screw which is made of worm shaft and ball bearing. The two lower rollers are able to rotate at a proper speed thanks to the gear reduction.
    1. W11S Series Hydraulic Upper Roller Universal Metal Plate Rolling MachineThe upper roller of this machine can be moved horizontally or vertically. Curvature of the bent plate is adjusted via the up or down movement of the upper roller while the axially symmetric vertical position is changed through its left or right movement. In this way, the machine can accomplish bending at both ends of the plate and suits for various bending applications without the aid of ancillary equipment such as a press machine.
    1. W12 Series Hydraulic 4-Roller Metal Plate Rolling MachineAs well as being driven by both the upper and lower rollers, the machine can do so via the hydraulic motor which provides the torque required to roll the plates. Powered by the hydraulic oil acting on the piston, the lower roller does up and down movement in a vertical plane. This process enables the lower roller to clamp the plate tightly.

Our plate rolling machine is a forming device employed to bend, round, and modify the metal plates. It is widely used in the shipbuilding, boiler, air port, hydroelectricity, decoration, and metalworking industries.

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