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    1. Normal Type Metal Plate Hydraulic Press Brake1. The normal type hydraulic press brake is used in the forming process to bend metal plates into the required angle or shape.
      2. The machine comes with a torsion bar.
      3. It enables fine-adjustment of bending angle.
      4. Remote pressure control valve is installed on the side frame of the press brake, allowing easy and convenient operation.
    1. NC Type Metal Plate Hydraulic Press Brake 1. The NC type metal plate hydraulic press brake is used for bending metal plates into various shapes and angles via programmable control of the X- and Y-axes.
      2. It is equipped with a torsion bar.
      3. This series of machine allows higher forming precision than the normal type.
      4. The controller adopts the E10 or E20+ type manufactured by Estun Company. It delivers a stable performance.
    1. CNC Torsion Bar hydraulic Press BrakeThe standard controller adopts the Estun E200 system. It can program the bend angle. Other controller includes the China Estun E210, Italy ESA S525, and Holland Delem DA41. All those controllers deliver optimized function and stable performance. They also can be programmed to set and adjust the bend angle.
    1. Electro Hydraulic CNC Press BrakeIn order to compensate for the deflection during press, a crowning system is installed on the press brake. It comes in two types: mechanical or hydraulic type. Controlled and programmed by the controller, the system enables the machine to have the chance of installing at least three axes including X-, Y1-, and Y2-axes according to the customers' requirements.
    1. E20 NC Standard Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing MachineThe E20NC standard hydraulic guillotine shearing machine comes with an E20 NC controller which can control as well as display bend angle and the back gauge parameter.
    1. E200 CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Guillotine Shearing MachineThe E200 CNC hydraulic sheet metal guillotine shearing machine comes with an E200 CNC control system which can program the backgauge parameter and bend angle as well as display them on the control panel. The back gauge is controlled by the servo motor, ball screw, and linear guide which enhance its adjustment precision.
    1. DAC310 CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing MachineThe DAC310 CNC hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is supplied with a DAC310 CNC system. By entering values on the control panel, the system can achieve convenient control, display, and programming of blade clearance, back gauge parameter, shearing stroke, and bend angle. The back gauge is driven by the servo motor, ball screw, and linear guide.
    1. DAC360 CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Guillotine Cutting MachineThe DAC 360 CNC hydraulic metal plate guillotine cutting machine is designed with the DAC360 CNC system which allows automatic calculation, control, display, and programming of the backgauge, blade clearance, and shearing angle. The backgauge is controlled and driven by servo motor, ball screw, and linear guide, which enhances its adjustment precision.
    1. W11 Series 3 Roller Mechanical Symmetrical Metal Plate Rolling MachineThis roll bender has 3 rollers in symmetric structure. The upper roller is set in the middle between two lower rollers. It has an adjustable height, and moves vertically in an up and down motion via the drive of ball screw which is made of worm shaft and ball bearing. The two lower rollers are able to rotate at a proper speed thanks to the gear reduction.
    1. W11S Series Hydraulic Upper Roller Universal Metal Plate Rolling MachineThe upper roller of this machine can be moved horizontally or vertically. Curvature of the bent plate is adjusted via the up or down movement of the upper roller while the axially symmetric vertical position is changed through its left or right movement. In this way, the machine can accomplish bending at both ends of the plate and suits for various bending applications without the aid of ancillary equipment such as a press machine.
    1. W12 Series Hydraulic 4-Roller Metal Plate Rolling MachineAs well as being driven by both the upper and lower rollers, the machine can do so via the hydraulic motor which provides the torque required to roll the plates. Powered by the hydraulic oil acting on the piston, the lower roller does up and down movement in a vertical plane. This process enables the lower roller to clamp the plate tightly.
  • Tube Bending MachineOur tube bending machine can be used to bend I-, U-, and H-shaped steel into the desired shape and angle. Ancillary equipment such as anti-crumple machine, auxiliary push device, or lengthened machine body is available to meet specific customer's requirements.
  • Hydraulic IronworkerThe hydraulic ironworker combines multiple functions of metal shearing, punching, cutting, and bending into one. It delivers low power consumption, reduces maintenance cost, and is easy to operate. The machine provides an ideal solution for the modern manufacturing applications such as in the metallurgy, bridge, communication, electricity, and military industries.
  • Metal Cutting BladesOur metal cutting blade is made of aluminum steel, featuring stable performance. It is commonly used in various shearing machines. Along with the shear, we will provide the standard blade. Customized blade designs and tailor-made blades are also available.

As a specialized metal processing equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a variety of products, including hydraulic press brake, hydraulic swing beam shearing machine, hydraulic press, plate rolling machine, hydraulic ironworker, and various others. Spare parts and accessories of the machine are selected from world-renowned brands with more stable performance. Our metal processing equipment can be used to process various metal plates and is widely applied to the shipbuilding, decoration, and aviation industries.

Prior to delivery, we'd like to send related videos and pictures to customers, in order to let you know the general operating conditions of your ordered machines. If customers are satisfactory with the products, we will dispatch them immediately. Effective measures are taken to fasten the machine securely as well as prevent machine rust. If necessary, we will send technicians to the customers' place to perform after-sales service. As for the damages that occur to the machine accessories within the guaranteed period, we would like to offer free new ones to the customer.