Company Profile

Hudong Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a specialized manufacturer of metal forming devices. Its main products include hydraulic press brake, hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, plate rolling machine, and hydraulic ironworker, among various others. The machine is manufactured with precision, quality, and versatility with ease of maintenance. It is widely used in various metal processing and tube forming applications, such as in the metallurgy, bridge, communications, and military industries. The product has been exported to dozens of regions and countries, including America, Canada, South America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

In the year of 1982, which is prior to the foundation of Hudong Machinery, we already started the whole business of supplying metal forming devices. That is to say, we have accumulated 30 years' manufacturing experience in this metalworking industry. By summing up the customer's opinions and suggestions, our machine has over time become very complex with gradually improved performance. In addition to those products mentioned above, we also supply metal cutting blades and tools for metal processing equipment. As a matter of mater of fact, our hydraulic machines can be used in any places where metal plates and tubes need to be cut or bent.

Since 2008, Hudong Machinery has begun its international trade with various foreign countries and regions. Over years of development in foreign trade, the company has commanded a general knowledge of the likings and requirements of customers from different countries. It also strives continuously to improve the machine's quality in accordance with the customers' feedback. Now Hudong Machinery is becoming a worldwide leading role in the metal processing equipment industry. With the ISO9001 certification and CE certification, Hudong Machinery is more confident in supplying machines with stable performance as well as the most caring after-sale service.

Hudong Heavy Industry Machinery has advantageous geographical features. It is close to the Nanjing Airport and Nanjing South Railway Station for ease of transportation and customer's visit.