Development Trend in Shearing Machine Industry

The shearing machine is among the best-selling products in the tile press industry, second only to the power-generation equipment. In recent years, the burden on the power supply industry has been alleviated. What's more, the production volume of power-generation equipment has been increasing at a high speed through all these years. In some power supply enterprise, there are still a number of generator sets waiting to be installed. Thus the coming years will see little increase in the demand for thermal power equipment. For the production contracts which have been signed, there will be a delay in execution or manufactures can not get paid in time. Since the shearing machine can be used to manufacture thermal-power equipment, so the next year for shearing machine manufacturer will also be a hard year. Nonetheless, demand for nuclear power equipment, hydroelectric equipment, and wind power equipment is expected to maintain a normal level of increase which means the shearing machine manufacturer still has a huge potential market.

Currently, the shearing machine manufacturer receives many orders from customers. According to a research among the key enterprises in the related industry, the total number of product orders in these enterprises from January to September this year has increased by 27% than the same period last year. Although the orders have decreased on a month-to-month basis, it is fairly easy for the manufacturer to maintain a normal production level.

Taking the above facts into account, we predict that:
1. In the automobile industry, the grow rate of the demand for shearing equipment will inevitably decline after years of continuous, strong increase. Since the export volume of automobile and automobile parts was affected by the financial crisis, the demand for shearing machine will be a smooth increase rather than a strong growth.
2. The impact of financial crisis on the mechanical industry will be felt at a later time. It might take full manifestation in the next year. So we need to be watchful.
3. Gone are the days when most companies could easily achieve increase in profit. The burden on the company to optimize its industrial structure has become ever heavier.
4. Gone also are the days when the company's export volume was skyrocketing. Hopefully, today's export volume is still expected to maintain a double-digit increase. It is becoming imperative for the company to optimize its export structure.
5. The macroeconomic policy has been shifted in order to ensure a smooth, stable increase in the economy. In such a backdrop, next year's economic increase in the mechanical industry will be low at first half and high at the second half.
6. The occurrence of increased expenditure and decreased profit poses severe problem to the company in shifting from extensive growth to intensive growth.

Compared with the power-generation equipment, we should be more optimistic about the demand for power transmission and transformation equipment. China is increasing its investment in the urban and rural power network retrofit. This will result in direct increase in the demand for the power transmission and transformation equipment thus improving the development of the related manufacturing industry. In such case, the shearing machine industry will be expected to maintain high level of development.